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Hocking Hills Cabin

Our Story

Growing up as a child, my brothers and I would go camping with my mom and grandpa at the Pymatuning State Park in Andover, Ohio. My grandfather taught me how to build a fire, make smores, assemble a tent, how to fish, and much more. I shared a lot of great memories with my family during those times. Unfortunately, as I got older, the opportunity to connect with nature became more of a challenge. In 2020, that opportunity presented itself again. Like many families worldwide during the pandemic, we needed to find peace of mind from all the negative news. At that time, people weren't able to travel outside of Ohio. So, Shanda (my wife) and I visited Hocking Hills State Park to hike and take in the sites. I heard about Hocking Hills State Park during my football playing years at The Ohio State University. Yet, with such a busy schedule, I never had a chance to go. But when we started visiting this amazing place during the dark days of the pandemic, it really allowed us to improve our mental health. - Chris Fields
Chris Fields Hiking Hocking Hills Ohio | Buckeye Box
The Buckeye Box Shipping Containers | Progress
Chris Fields Hiking Hocking Hills

The idea behind The Buckeye Box

Becoming a frequent visitor of Hocking Hills and realizing the area's popularity, I decided to explore the opportunity to build our own cabin for others to reconnect with nature. I wanted to create a brand that targets "Buckeye Nation" while also respecting the area's beauty. That is when the idea of building our cabin out of shipping containers was born.

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